Beast Choker


When a snake swallos it´s own tail forming a circle, it´s figure is that of the Uroburos, the representation of the ciclical nature of all things.
    – Hand carved Uroburos in wax
    – Sterling silver
    – Garnet set eye
    – Tanned leather , adjustable with cain up to 37,5 cm


Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guards the gates of the underworld.
    – Hand carved Cerberus in wax
    – Gold plated brass piece and gold plated sterling silver closure
    – Green chrysoprase set eyes
    – Tanned leather , adjustable with cain up to 37,5 cm


In some anciente accounts, Chaos is that wich existed before the gods and other elemental forces, that is, the most cosmic sate.
    – Hand carved Chaos in wax
    – Choice of sterling silver or gold plated brass with gold plated sterling silver      closure
    – Tanned leather , adjustable with cain up to 37,5 cm
 If the piece is not available right now, or you would like some variant, you can write to me and I will gladly give you the approximate time to make it on demand


Luz Negra is a small brand with reduced stock. All the pieces are handcrafted between Barcelona and the Basque Country. These jewels are made by hand and therefore aren´t uniformly identical, this is part of their charm. We always use sterling silver in closures and chains to avoid allegies. The pieces can be made of sterling silver, 18K 2mic gold plated brass or 18K 2mic gold plated sterling silver. The materials used in each piece is noted in the description.


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