Memorial Ring

The obsidian mirror, called “tezcatl” in Mexico, was an instrument of black magic used only by sorcerers. Contemplating its smoky depths allowed travel to alternative places, to the world of the gods and ancestors. The observer and the object are reflected in them at the same time.
Under the obsidian of this ring there is a secret space to keep ashes, hair, a love note from something or someone you want to remember forever.
* This ring is designed and perfectly finished without needing to store anything under the stone, it is only optional. For a long time, I have been wanting to incorporate the Obsidian Mirror into the permanent Luz Negra  collection, and as a memorial piece, the  Obsidian Mirror  can provide this double function.
   – Sterling silver handmade ring.
   – Two skulls can be seen from the side but not from the top.
   – A rose engraving under the stone.
   – Oval and flat obsidian stone hold with claw stone setting.
   – If you want a inside engraving, different kind of stone, deposit something inside, or you have any size doubts…write us here:
* The last photo is a table to help you find your size, you can measure the INNER diameter of a ring that suits you.
   If you depend on a specific date or have problems knowing your size, write to us and we will be happy to help you:


THIS RING IS MADE BY PREORDER, wait 3-4 weeks plus shipping.


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