Abraxas, the very ancient and powerful deity and chimera used in talismans that represents the divine and the infernal, light and darkness, life and death, wisdom and ignorance.
  His head is a rooster and snakes are the legs, in his right hand he brandishes a whip and he holds a shield in his left. Each letters of Abraxas represented a planet and the sum of them, 365, the annual cycle of the earth.


– Pieces molded in wax and handcrafted in metal.
-Choice of  sterling silver or gold plated brass and silver
-Choice of  full metal piece or metal with pearl
– 8.4cm long and 10 grams per earring.
  After our limited stock is sold, this jewel is handmade to order, just for you. Luz Negra is a small and artisan brand. Please allow approximately 3-4 weeks for creation before shipping.
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  If you have any questions, depend on a specific date or have problems with sizing, write to us and we will always be happy to help you: hola@luznegrajewelry.com


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